June 12, 2019

Excellent service experience

"Excellent service experience. Needed my vehicle for work and they got me up and running in short order."
June 14, 2018

accounting assistant

"They do great work and are very reasonable with their rates.. Friendly and courteous, Would definitely recommend them"
November 26, 2017

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jim and the guys at Family Auto Service, under great stress over the way my car had been handling a 2000 Nissan Maxima, an older car that I truly didn't want to spend too much repairing... My car was in desperate need of both front side control arms and tie rods. Jim called around and got the best prices on parts for me and gave me insight on a great financing opportunity! Stress free my car was done and ready for the road in no time at all! I would recommend this repair shop to anyone looking for a trustworthy, affordable and hassle free place to have their car worked on!"
August 5, 2017

"Jim and his crew are knowledgeable the service was fast and reasonable. I had them rebuild the transmission in my 1998 Z71 truck three years ago. These guys are worth checking out."
June 19, 2017

"From the first time I've been there up to today I have always had great work done on all of my vehicles. Jim is very informative and always tries to get the work done in the best timely manner. And with my luck and cars it seems like I visit this place a lot! Everyone is very friendly and not hard to start a conversation as you sit and wait for your vehicle. They work with you if you are in a tight spot with your wallet which is great because as a college student it seems like all the time. I would recommend this place to everyone that needs any work done because they are reliable and not too pricey."
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