April 27, 2020

"The folks at Family Transmission really know their stuff, with great diagnosis and fair pricing. Another shop told me to pay them $495, leave the car for diagnosis and they would apply the $$ toward any work needed. I just asked for the keys back and headed for Family. I was delighted to hear they could fix it for a fraction of that. While they were waiting for some powertrain mounts to arrive, they arranged to have the A/C fixed by Nick's nearby. So when I picked up the car, not only was the trans fixed but I also had cool blowing A/C. Talk about going the extra mile, these guys are incredible! Don't waste time and $$ going elsewhere, make a bee line to Family!"
December 25, 2019

King Roberson

"10 STARS!!! Service is absolutely amazing. I took my Suzuki there on a Monday, told it was gonna be ready on Tuesday, due to complications beyond their control, it took several more days causing me to be without my car for work, etc, for SEVERAL days. Manager, Jim knew I was using Uber and getting a rides from co-workers, so HE initiated rental suggestion and showed genuine concern for me. They also helped me get back and forth home to receive/drop-off my car. Everyone working there is honest and nice. They work diligently to fix cars and offer relevant advice and suggestions. Fair prices, AND they took responsibility for an associated-after-repair-problem, instead of making excuses or claiming not their fault; like some other shops. AWESOME business!!!"
December 14, 2019

Heidi Vanegas

"Took my car here last week because it started driving different and tons of different lights came on. They looked at it for free and told me my car was still under warranty with Subaru and had called themselves to let them know, so all I had to do was pick up my car and bring it over to the dealership. This helped me a lot and made the whole thing less stressful and for that I am very appreciative. Some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!"
December 6, 2019

Professional and Trustworthy

"Excellent and reliable transmission repair service. Family Auto service is great! After my terrible experience of flood water damaging my transmission, Jim was very helpful, nice and understanding. They rebuilt my transmission with in a week and provided a warranty. They are Knowledgeable, Professional and Trustworthy"
November 6, 2019

God Sent!!!!!

"Let me tell you a story about Robert & Jay of this company. I was moving my 44 year old son from Dallas to Houston on a Sunday. 100 miles from Houston ,I thought my transmission was going out. We call Robert, with his help finding us a hotel for the night. He had us up and running the next day. Turns out it was not the transmission, but a problem with the plugs. How much more honest and helpful could you get? Remember--It was Sunday --- Monday noon we were back on the road. God Sent!!!!!"
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