November 18, 2020

"My friend had a problem and they treated her with understanding and fair. Honest professionals. Thank you for helping!"
September 21, 2020

"These guys are fantastic! My car acted up in a really concerning way when I was in the area. I took it to a chain service place where I had to pay $130 for diagnostics. They told me I needed a part replaced and that the job would cost $1700.I called Jim at Family Auto & Transmission and he was extremely skeptical that the chain's solution would fix the issue. I brought it to him and his team did the diagnostic work for no charge, and found that the bulk of the issue was as simple as replacing a battery terminal! That plus some other elective maintenance came out to less than $250.Jim was sure this would solve the issue, but even offered that if I got the car back and still saw the same issues, he would subtract that $250 from the cost of whatever additional work was done.I feel very lucky that I found Jim and his team - he will be getting business from me and my family that lives in the area whenever we have car issues in the future."
September 8, 2020

"Ace in the hole , Jim is a very good, service ,friendly staff, very professional service! I will recommend to anyone who is what ing to get Transmison service!"
April 27, 2020

"The folks at Family Transmission really know their stuff, with great diagnosis and fair pricing. Another shop told me to pay them $495, leave the car for diagnosis and they would apply the $$ toward any work needed. I just asked for the keys back and headed for Family. I was delighted to hear they could fix it for a fraction of that. While they were waiting for some powertrain mounts to arrive, they arranged to have the A/C fixed by Nick's nearby. So when I picked up the car, not only was the trans fixed but I also had cool blowing A/C. Talk about going the extra mile, these guys are incredible! Don't waste time and $$ going elsewhere, make a bee line to Family!"
December 25, 2019

King Roberson

"10 STARS!!! Service is absolutely amazing. I took my Suzuki there on a Monday, told it was gonna be ready on Tuesday, due to complications beyond their control, it took several more days causing me to be without my car for work, etc, for SEVERAL days. Manager, Jim knew I was using Uber and getting a rides from co-workers, so HE initiated rental suggestion and showed genuine concern for me. They also helped me get back and forth home to receive/drop-off my car. Everyone working there is honest and nice. They work diligently to fix cars and offer relevant advice and suggestions. Fair prices, AND they took responsibility for an associated-after-repair-problem, instead of making excuses or claiming not their fault; like some other shops. AWESOME business!!!"
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